About Us

Our Story

The company was founded by Mike Matchett when he was in grad school but has since been handed over to Mike's son Matt. Matt is a young entrepreneur who picked up where his father left off. Matt said, "My dad showed me some of his old logos and I remember thinking 'Wow, these have potential.' That's what inspired me to resurrect the company." 

Lunatic Fringe had not been touched in years until the summer of 2017. "My dad ordered some polo shirts from his old connections and left me to do the rest. I spent the summer learning to advertise on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. I built a functioning website and now I'm shipping shirts to golf lovers all across the nation."  



Origin of the Name

Teddy Roosevelt, our beloved 26th President, coined the phrase "lunatic fringe" to refer to those having radical ideas. Today, we at Lunatic Fringe carry on that same spirit with our own style of radical ideas. 

Though we firmly believe that no one should take themselves too seriously, one thing we do take seriously is a quality product. We offer a new creative approach to polos - blending wit and fashion. Each shirt features our logo embroidered onto a 100% cotton pique polo.